Renaissance Man 2021

Take The Time To Dream !

Born in Pennsylvania, Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Illustrator and Author John Keaton has been creating works of art since the age of 5. An internationally known Fine Artist, Maestro Keaton has the gift of Eternal curiousity and his explorations in Visual Arts rivals most modern masters. He has created over 1000 Paintings and drawings, written 4 books on the subject of painting and has recently written and illustrated a delightful new Children's Book entitled - " GiGi's Paris Surprise " His musical prowess includes 7 albums and roughly 9 singles available on digital outlets worldwide. His current release - Take The Time To Dream is set for release very soon. You can hear the album FIRST here on where it's also available for digital download and purchase. John's Newest single - " Heartbeat - A Little Faster " is also making it's premiere here. Stay Tuned for more and " Take The Time To Dream "