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  1. Be The One

From the album Mirage

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Be The One 
Music by Markus Ruffing, Lyrics by John Keaton
In this run-around world, 
Made up of give and take 
You find yourself 
You wake up reaching 
For someone 
Who’s not there.
So, turn off the light 
Look in deeper to my eyes 
Cause no one else will be there 
To bring us down 
To tear us apart (Apart)
Your heart May Be The One 
Your Heart May Be The One that breaks. 
Your Heart May Be The One 
That breaks 
Tearing me down again
So needless to say 
Nothings easy anymore 
You’ve shaken 
All my senses 
And torn my world 
God, it’s true
So take your chances 
Cause miracles 
Don’t come alone 
Cant You See 
I need you so 
You’re my world 
God It’s true
Repeat Chorus
So what’s goin’ on ? 
Tell me the name of the game 
That you play 
Give me a sound 
Just a word 
And we will turn the night 
To day………
Repeat Chorus
Tearing me down, again………..
Repeat chorus in double time
Are you gonna break…….