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  1. Stop

From the album Mirage

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Music by Markus Ruffing, Lyrics by John Keaton

(Keyboard/Guitar Intro)

When the moonlight falls
And dreams become real
Let me be there, Let me be there
Beside you

Confess what you feel
When will we see the light ?
Forever is now, Forever is now
Beside you

Bridge :

And if I had the chance
To do it over…..(Over…….)
There’s not much that I would change
(There’s not much, There’s not much I would Change, Change, Change)
Seems as if I’ve Known you
For all of time and more
(Ahhh…all of time and more)
and more……….


Stop (Stop)
This ain’t a game
So just Stop (Stop)
You feel the same so just
Stop again
I need you here by my side
(by my side)
Oh, Oh, Oh

What could have been
When will we see the light ?
Let me wake up
(let me wake up)
beside you