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  1. Tell Me

From the album Mirage

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Tell Me You’ll Stay
Music by Markus Ruffing, Lyrics by John Keaton
(Keyboard Intro)
I’m ready now – to face the dawn 
As long as you’re here by my side 
You believed in me (When they All) 
When the rest of them all (Turned Away) 
Turned Away.
So tell me you’ll stay (tell me , Tell me you’ll stay) 
Even if it’s just for awhile (Just for a while) 
Say you’ll be mine (Say You’ll be mine, Say you’ll be mine) 
Tomorrow is only (only) a question of time- Today (Today)
Hold Me Now (Hold Me Now) 
Let’s make love (let’s make Love ) 
You got the key that turns my soul 
You make things bright 
When the world out there 
Gives me shadows long and cold 
( Long and cold………)
Don’t You go _____________Baby (Oh, Oh, Oh Oh…….)_
Repeat Chorus
(Bass Solo)
Repeat Chorus
(Guitar Solo)
So tell me you’ll stay 
(Tell me you’ll stay……….) 
Stay……………..Please Stay