GiGi's Paris Surprise - Children's Book - Paperback
  • GiGi's Paris Surprise - Children's Book - Paperback
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Gigi the giraffe is a strong and independent young lady with a big heart. Adventurous and daring, she flies her plane to exotic spots around the globe to satisfy her curiosity for new sights and experiences. Gigi believes in “girl power " and is very happy on her own, but she loves her friends dearly. She always depends on them in her many explorations of our great big world ! In this first episode, Gigi's birthday wish is to fly to Paris, France and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. So, she calls her friend Jean-Claude who lives there, and asks him to show her around. Along the way she learns a valuable lesson about how sometimes, even when your biggest wish comes true, you realize that other things are more important to you, like your friends.

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