Hello again, one and all. Welcome to my website. It is my most sincere desire that you enjoy your visit. New content is constantly being added. A new addition to to the site is " Johnny's Jukebox " which features covers of some of my favorite songs past and present, so take a look and enjoy my interpretations of some of the finest tunes ever written !
All Things work together for Good to them that love God - Romans 8:28
- May, 2020

John Keaton


John Keaton's interest in music started at a very early age. He is an extremely versatile and prolific artist in many genres. His vocal skills are extraordinary and he is also a gifted performer, visual artist and designer. A member of ASCAP, John has numerous releases to his credit and he is constantly on the lookout for new, innovative sounds. Musically speaking his work is highly original and unique and he offers such a diverse palette of sounds that for the longest time his style was difficult to categorize. Avant Garde, with Dance and Pop overtones featuring highly layered vocals and instrumentation would seemingly describe his ever evolving catalog of works. John was born in Pennsylvania and has traveled the world extensively, his paintings and drawings are highly sought after by art collectors around the globe. He has written soundtracks, Pop and rock songs and as of late prefers to experiment in the studio writing music for film and television. His latest collection, Faces, reveals a new chapter in his story. The tracks are highly polished examples of his new found style. At present John is working on a new release slated for June 23, 2020. He is a fiercely independent artist and takes great pride in his work, both visually and as a musician and songwriter. John Keaton is innovative, eclectic and a creative force of nature that thrives on sharing his inspiration with the world at large.

John’s newest single “ Gimme Your Love “ (Gonna Be There) is now available on digital outlets worldwide. A Video of the same title will be forthcoming. After much delay, John’s Children’s book entitled “GiGI’s Paris Surprise” will be published this Summer. His current projects include a new album by the name of “ Take The Time To Dream “ and a cover version of Michael W. Smith’s classic praise song - “ Above All “, which will soon be made available to the general public.