I wrote this tune originally  in 1984 - the subject matter is Pre-Destination and the concept that our lives are pre-ordained. It is, of course, a love song about eternal love, a love which extends beyond time, as the theme. I hope you enjoy it, it has taken quite a while for this version to be completed. Special thanks to Markus Ruffing for the arrangement and instrumentation.


Fate is your name 

In the wind 

Where we’ve been 



Mediterranean Breeze 

In the trees 

Tell me please 

Must I wait forever ? 


I have not seen you 

For a hundred years 

Do your eyes still glow 

The way they did ? 

I must wait now 

To hear your voice 

I must wait for fate to 

Make the choice 

Fate is believing 

In a rhyme with a reason 

And the theater of treason 

Plays on again 

Fate is drinking wine 

In the desert 

With you 

And somehow 

Believing it’s true. 

Repeat Chorus 

Repeat Verse (music only) 

Repeat Chorus 

I must wait now 

On heaven’s gate 

For the rose, for the thorns 

For Fate 

Written in 1984