Renaissance Man 2023                           

John Keaton was born and raised in the Pennsylvania. His interest in art started at a very early age. While attending Chichester High, John began taking night courses at the Philadelphia College of Art, where he studied painting and drawing. As a teen, John designed signs and advertising Graphics for local shops in the Tri-State mall. He is well versed in Fine Art as well as Commercial Art. At the age of 18, John enlisted in The U.S. Air Force and served for 4 years. He was stationed at Rhein Main Airbase in Germany and was able to visit nearly all of Europe’s great museums where his appreciation and study of the Great Masters deepened. John remained in Europe 8 years and worked as a tour guide and a photographer. He continued to hone his craft and created numerous works  which were successfully exhibited in Germany. In 1985, John studied Advertising and Graphic Design and received an Associate’s Degree. He became the Art Director for Bellaphon Records in Frankfurt, Germany where he designed CD and Music Packaging. Throughout John’s extensive career in Commercial Art, he has designed book covers. candle holders, T-Shirts, Food Packaging, and Print Ads. He is well versed in Fine Art as well as Commercial Art.  In 1991 he attended Tampa Technical Institute in Florida and continued his study of Art and Design. In 1996, John was hired by Lava Enterprises of San Diego as a product designer. Two years later, John began a project that would eventually occupy him for a full year. Under his direction, a team of five artists, conceived and executed large scale murals for a multi-million dollar property in Ranch Sante Fe, California. 

The scope of John’s work is vast and he has an innate ability to understand and communicate ideas through his God-given talents. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and a Masters in Fine Art, He is known internationally as an artist and designer.